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Concealed Weapons Classes

Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course: 4 Hours / $75
This is the required State of Florida certificated basic safety course, that covers firearms safety, on range qualification, individual legal responsibility and Florida law requirements. Cost includes class, range time, ear & eye protection if needed, State CWL application pack and all class room materials.  Please note: If you are not an experienced shooter you are still eligible to take the class but we will require you to take a Basic Knowledge Pistol Course,(<--BOLD) this is for your safety as well as others around you. 
Ammunition Required: 25 rounds
Prerequisites: 21 years or older

Basic Knowledge Pistol Class: 4 Hours / $150
This 4 Hour class is designed to teach the student the basic knowledge and attitudes necessary for selecting, owning and using the pistol of their choice safely and effectively. Topics covered include: Safe gun handling, weapon selection, firearm nomenclature and manipulation, ammunition options and applications, storage & maintenance, fundamentals of pistol shooting including, grip options, stance options, sighting fundamentals, trigger control. This course also meets the requirements for the State of Florida safety course to obtain a concealed weapons permit.
Ammunition Required: 100 rounds

Advanced Concealed Carry Class: 4 Hours / $150 / Minimum of 2 people
This is a 4 hour course that will address how to carry your handgun concealed, we will teach you the basics of your firearm and go over the options available of concealed holsters, firearms and ammunitions.  You will be put through stressful scenarios to help prepare you for an actual self defense situation.  We will teach you trigger control along with breathing control to help your body develop the necessary muscle memory to help save your life in the event of a self defense situation.  You will learn different techniques to use in a close quarters shooting situation, keeping in mind that most self defense gun shots are within 3-6 feet, these techniques that we will teach you will prepare you for a life saving situation.

Female Advanced Concealed Carry Class : One Day / Call for price
This class is specifically designed for the female concealed permit carrier.  In this course we will teach you basic knowledge of self defense with and without a firearm.

In Home Tactical Defense Class  : 4 Hours / $200
This class is actually taught in your home.  We will go over different scenarios of things that could happen inside your home and try to instill in your mind the things you will need to do to save your life or family member.  Each home has different scenarios and this class is custom tailored to your home specifically.


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