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Central Florida Hydro Dipping
Central Florida Hydro Dipping
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  Central Florida Hydro Dipping  
  Central Florida Hydro Dipping  
  Central Florida Hydro Dipping  

Welcome to Central Florida Hydro Dipping  

TWN Certified
We offer a very large variety of refinish options, including hydro dipping, with over 35 years of experience in refinishing. We believe in old school pride to the fact of if I'm not happy with it I do not expect you to be happy with it. We use a lot of old school techniques, intermixed with modern techniques, to provide you with the optimal finished product. We specialize in quality work, covering a range of firearms, motorcycle parts, car parts (interior and exterior), wheels, and home décor. We are open minded as to the look that you want, from lime green skulls to wood grain finish, and many other patterns including: carbon fibers, 60+ camouflage patterns, Mossy Oak camouflage, flames, metal finish, stone and flags.

If you can think it we can dip it!

Along with the sales of new firearms we also offer firearm training courses, from concealed weapons classes to advanced pistol courses along with other firearm optional courses.

Central Florida Hydro Dipping
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